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Full Bob Grummitt guitar restoration

A Full Guitar Restoration

Grummitt guitar trio

A Trio of Grummitt Guitars

25th Anniversary Bob Grummitt

Bob & 25th Anniversary Guitar

About Bob Grummitt, Instrument Maker / Restorer / Repairer and Consultant


Having acquired a guitar, I became more interested in its construction than playing it.


I made my first guitar in 1970. Having no idea where to source materials, I salvaged mahogany from an old wardrobe, a hockey stick found in a nearby playing field, rosewood for the fingerboard from a hairbrush manufacturer, spruce front from a broken Welsh dresser, and the frets were fashioned from an ivory knife handle.


This guitar was subsequently bought by a song-writer who at the time was working with Status Quo.


In 1971, I created a workshop where I continued to make and repair all the instruments of the violin family; guitars, acoustic and electric; mandolins and more including stringed instruments of any ethnic origin.


After 4 and a half years in London, I moved my workshop to Old Oxted, Surrey and then in 1978 I came to this address where I have celebrated more than 35 years.


I have ceased to make complete instruments but will make any necessary parts such as new backs or fronts, necks, bridges etc.


All instruments for sale are set up to the highest standards.


I offer a good, old-fashioned and bespoke service.


The official site of Bob Grummitt - Stringed instrument maker, repairer, restorer & consultant, based in Caterham, Surrey.




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